Most of you have seen some of the crazy wedding videos featuring unusual processionals, surprise dances, and choreographed grand entrances but what are you going to do for your wedding? If you want to make your wedding ceremony or reception unique with some unexpected music here are a few guidelines to follow:

1. Choose songs that your guests will recognize and enjoy. Don’t choose songs that are too new or obscure.

2. Pick a song that reflects your personality as a couple and fits with your wedding theme.

3. Decide between an instrumental version of your song or one with lyrics. If the song you choose is popular you won’t even need the lyrics to set the mood you want.

4. Keep in mind how long your song will be played for. You may only have the first minute of music… so choose something that impacts in the first 30 seconds.

5. Whatever song you choose, it needs to be appropriate. Choose songs that are fun and upbeat. Just because your wedding may be formal doesn’t mean it has to be stuffy, BUT it is never appropriate to play explicit lyrics.