Doing Things Differently!

There are so many ways to creatively incorporate fun elements that are a reflection of who you are as a couple into the wedding day. Have fun dreaming and coming up with ideas – then put them in place! Your guests will appreciate the personal and fun side they get to know and experience. The overall experience of the wedding and reception is a reflection of you and your fiancé, but often times people can get caught up in doing something a certain way “just because that’s how it’s done,” instead of taking the opportunity to do something new and creative.

Tips on Favors

Here are some questions to ask yourself to guide you in doing something different with the favors and gifts for your guests.

  • When should we do the favors? At the wedding? At the reception? Both?
  • Do we love something or are known for something in our family/group of friends? (sports, traveling, favorite food?)
  • What is unique about us as a couple?
  • What’s our budget?

Tips on the Cake

Don’t feel like you need to fall into the trap of having a cake that people will expect if you really want something that is nontraditional.

  • Is there a design or style you love?
  • Would you rather have cupcakes instead?
  • Is there a local baker or cake-maker that can work with you?
  • Is there a local or national speciality cupcake or sweet shop you would like to use?

Tips on Choosing Music

Trust your wedding DJ and work together to create the reception vibe you want. If you love a certain style of music or artist then feel free to add that into the night. Others will join in the fun when you are having a great time!

Tips on Designing the Program

The program is handed out at the wedding ceremony and often lists the schedule, bridal party and details on the reception. Some couples opt not to have a program – it’s really up to personal preference and whether there is important information about the reception that you need to provide guests.