On your wedding day, the spotlight is fixed on you and your partner! From the moment you awake, until the last note of music echoes in the reception hall, you’re the center of attention.

Make the Day Yours

It’s your party, your time to shine. You’ll be much happier if you plan a wedding reception that meets your criteria for perfection, not others’ expectations. You’ve carefully chosen a venue and menu, wedding decorations and gorgeous outfits. What music can you add to enhance the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create?

Be Creative in your Approach

Your wedding reception signals the beginning of hours of togetherness. Are you dreaming of an elegant gathering or a high-energy party? Looking for a stylish entrance? An archway of flowers or the raising of military swords creates a canopy above the bride and groom as they approach. A less formal, entryway is made when the bridal party clasps hands and raises their arms above the heads of the newlyweds.

Thinking of something humorous? Put some sunglasses on the bridal party. A “classy” or “party” reception mood can be established in the first few minutes, so plan your arrival and other meaningful moments – but enjoy them.

Choose Music with Meaning

Set the mood for your reception by choosing music that creates meaning for you and your wedding guests. When planning music, the only rule is: there are no rules! Your selection of music will add to the party’s atmosphere, so spend some time thinking about your favorite tunes and memories, while creating new ones for you and your guests.

Lead with the Music

Play one song as the Bridal Party arrives…

During your bridal party’s introductions, why not choose a song that reminds them of some good times you’ve shared? Were you together for a favorite concert? Did you attend the same college? Your guests will enjoy being “in” on the fun, too.

When your preference is to create a mood or environment, spinning a song like “Get The Party Started” by Pink or “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black-Eyed Peas can get your guests “in the groove” when the bridal party arrives.

Spin Another Song for the GRAND ENTRANCE…

Anything goes, but not everything works. If the song holds great meaning for you, it’s appropriate. Compositions that sound like royalty such as Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” or the “Imperial Star Wars March” really put the “grand” feeling in your entrance. They can raise expectations of the party to follow.

Say it Simply

Choosing to say it simply, with your song titles, is another alternative and gives your guests that feeling of nostalgia. Popular choices are U2’s “Beautiful Day” or “Higher” by Creed. The classy, “At Last” by Etta James is a romantic and beautiful choice. More upbeat, but equally sophisticated, Glen Miller’s “In The Mood” is a popular selection that blurs the line between “classic” and “classy” and appeals to many kinds of music lovers.

Revel in the Moment

The couple looks sensational; you’re in your gown, he’s in his tux. The people dearest to you — family, friends, and co-workers — are gathered around you. For a few precious hours, they’ll celebrate your marriage and share in a fabulous wedding feast and party. During your wedding reception, all eyes will follow you around the room. All ears will listen to what you have to say. What message would you like to share?