Have you attended a wedding that seemed a bit off? The wedding venue offered a beautiful natural backdrop and the reception hall was bright and created pleasant energy. The food was delicious, as was the cake. The timeline of the reception is what seemed off – it even became a bit chaotic. You pondered why it seemed “off” and realized it was the wedding DJ.

The DJ chose some great songs to play, but guests weren’t sure when to take their seats, when to eat dinner, or even who was dancing during the special dances. We also lost track of time and the DJ ended up cramming together moments the bride and groom had requested. Everything was accomplished, but the way it was executed was frustrating – as you could see on the bride’s face.

A great wedding DJ works with the couple before the wedding to decide the order of the evening: when the bridal party walks in, which dances are the special dances, when the toasts will happen and even what songs to avoid. Then, logically, they help keep the reception on track, leaving the bride and groom to enjoy their wedding and not worry about when or where they should do anything. A great DJ helps create the plan and guides the entire reception through the wishes of the happy couple.

Keep this wedding reception in mind as what to avoid! Trust your DJ and discuss how you want your perfect evening to go, then sit back and let them take care of all the timing details. A great DJ will ensure the guests leave with fond memories of laughter and fun, not confusion.